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Wedding Photography Lake Bled

Discover one of the best location for wedding photography in Slovenia.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of wedding photography at Lake Bled, Slovenia. Discover captivating images captured amidst the stunning backdrop of this picturesque destination. From intimate moments to breathtaking landscapes, explore the artistry and romance that unfolds through wedding photography at Lake Bled.

Image from Matej Pogacnik

Welcome to the wedding story of Anze and Hajdi, a celebration full of love and joy in the beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia. As photographers, we had the privilege of capturing the special moments that unfolded on their momentous day.

The preparations took place at the elegant Grand Hotel Union, where Anze and Hajdi eagerly anticipated their union. Surrounded by loved ones, their excitement grew, as they prepared for the remarkable journey ahead.

Stepping outside the hotel, they were greeted with a warm welcome, accompanied by the lively melodies of the Trubachi music band. Instantly, the festive atmosphere set the tone for the joyous celebration that awaited.

A luxurious limousine awaited them, ready to whisk them away to the picturesque destination of Bled. Against the backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty, they exchanged their heartfelt vows in a moving civil ceremony.

The photo session was pure magic, capturing breathtaking images that truly reflected the deep love and profound connection shared between them. Every frame beautifully portrayed their unique love story, from the tranquil shores to the majestic castle.

As the day unfolded, the celebration reached its pinnacle in the vibrant city of Kranj. Surrounded by the love and support of family and friends, laughter filled the air, and toasts were raised.

Through our photographs, we invite you to immerse yourself in Anze and Hajdi’s remarkable wedding day. Witness the love and feel the overflowing happiness, as you join us in celebrating their extraordinary journey.

Join our captivating visual journey, showcasing cherished memories, heartfelt moments, and the sheer beauty of their celebration. May their love flourish and their future be filled with everlasting happiness and unforgettable adventures, shared together.

Love is a Story, lets capture yours!


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