About us

At Poga Studios, our passion is to preserve beautiful memories for couples and create unforgettable experiences. As a destination wedding photographers and videographers, we specialize in capturing the magic of weddings. Our photography and videography style revolves around authenticity, spontaneity, and an artistic touch. We believe that each image we take should be a work of art, especially when it comes to destination weddings.

about us

In addition to capturing genuine emotions and fleeting moments, we artistically transform them into unique stories. Our team is based in Playa del Carmen, but we are available worldwide to capture your special day wherever it takes place. Whether you’re planning a wedding in CancunPlaya del CarmenTulumRiviera Maya,  Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas or anywhere else on the world, Poga Studios is the perfect choice to be your trusted partner in capturing your most cherished moments.

With our dedication, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your destination wedding is flawlessly documented. We understand the significance of these moments and strive to create timeless memories that will be treasured forever.

Choose Poga Studios as your destination wedding photographer and let us create stunning images that reflect the beauty and love of your special day.

Founder of poga studios

Matej Pogacnik


Enter the captivating world of wedding photography and videography, guided by Matej, an internationally-inspired artist. Matej’s passion lies in capturing extraordinary wedding moments and celebrating love.

Raised in Slovenia, Matej’s photography journey was shaped by encounters with diverse cultures and breathtaking destinations. However, fate intervened in Mexico, where he found not just his soulmate but also a profound passion for documenting love stories.

Mexican culture’s unique approach to wedding celebrations deeply fascinated him, with its authentic joy and infectious energy irresistibly drawing him in.

Matej’s photography journey took a beautiful turn as he fell in love with his wife and the vibrant Mexican culture. He developed a profound appreciation for capturing unique love stories through wedding photography. Witnessing Mexican weddings firsthand, Matej’s work now exudes the passion and vibrancy he experienced in this rich wedding culture.

His photographic style reflects his love for his craft and diverse cultures. With storytelling, authenticity, and artistic finesse, he captures the magical emotions and spontaneous moments of weddings. He skillfully blends the raw beauty of love with joyful wedding traditions, making his work unique.

co-founder of poga studios

Ilse Pacheco


Ilse’s passion for communication, coordination, and creating dream weddings blossomed through her own love story. Collaborating with Matej, she discovered her true calling in bringing couples’ dreams to life. With a deep understanding of their emotions and desires, Ilse effortlessly connects with couples, building trust and rapport.

As a travel agent, Ilse assists couples with destination weddings, drawing on her extensive knowledge of worldwide destinations to guide them in selecting the perfect location. She takes charge of travel logistics, ensuring flawless accommodations and guest arrangements for a seamless destination wedding experience.

Thanks to Ilse’s exceptional organizational skills and ability to handle complex challenges, she becomes an invaluable asset. From managing timelines to coordinating with vendors, she ensures a smooth flow of events on the big day. With Ilse leading the way, couples can relax and fully enjoy their celebration, confident that every aspect of their wedding is handled with care and expertise.


We have been in wedding photography bussiness for 10 years

All the photos will be taken by Matej Pogacnik, principal photographer and the founder of Poga Studios

All our packages will be tailored to your needs and budget.

Yes! We sign a contract for your peace of mind and it contains the details of the coverage.

We do have a whole team. Depending on the package you select, we assign extra photographers or videographers

We take between 5-7 weeks to deliver the photos and we send you a sneak peak the same week 🙂

Love is a Story, lets capture yours!


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